Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Printer Repair for Your Business: Worth the Cost?

printer repair service ann arbor
If you own or manage a business that relies on multiple printers, you know how much of an expense your equipment, toner cartridges, and paper can be. You also know what a pain it is when you and your staff aren’t able to print.

Working from home presents a new set of challenges! Your home printer is probably not used to be used as frequently or in such high volumes as you’re using it now. If you’re having issues, how do you take care of your machine?

Take care of your investment and schedule service as soon as your printer shows signs of a problem. Kyle Miller, our resident printer expert, says, “In my opinion, it is good practice to have your laser printers serviced every year, even when nothing is wrong with them.” 

Read our checklist for hiring the printer repair pros on our website!

MCS recommends choosing the right printer for your needs, whether that’s only printing once every few days, or printing several documents every hour. The type of printer you need and the quality of printer necessary will depend on how often you use it, and what you’re using it for. Read more about how to choose the right printer here!

If you absolutely need to get your home printer serviced, MCS is ready to help! We know repairs are sometimes the only choice for those of us working at home, and if you feel a replacement isn’t the right choice, we can do a $25 printer assessment to determine what your next steps should be. 

To read more about our printer repair service for Ann Arbor businesses and business-class machines contact us today!

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