Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time for a New Printer? Michigan Computer Supplies Shares Some Advice!

Do you have to put your phone calls on hold when printing because of the loud noises your printer makes? 

Could you take a long coffee break while waiting for your printer to spit out a few sheets of paper? 

If you answered “yes” to either of the questions above, it may be time for an upgrade! 

There are so many choices it can be confusing!

Let Michigan Computer Supplies help guide you into buying the best printer for your needs.  Please call us if you still have questions after reading our tips below.  We’re happy to help!

Single-function or Multifunction Printer?

Would you like to eliminate some equipment in your office?  Multifunction printers or MFPs work as a printer, scanner, and a fax machine!  Some of the MFPs also have a document server, whereas the printer will keep a digital copy of your frequently used documents.  This makes it super easy to make a few copies at a time. 

In addition, many MFP machines have an email function.  Picture this: you have a document you want to share with your office.  Instead of traditional copies on paper, you can scan the document and the MFP can e-mail it to everyone.  This cuts down on paper waste, clutter and file storage.  This works especially well for offices that have employees who work remotely. 

The Color of Money

Do you really need a colored printer?   Black and white printers are much more economical.  We encourage you to determine the quantity and the frequency of colored documents you print.  If it’s not a big volume and only a few times a year, it would most likely be a cost savings to order them from a local print shop instead. 

Size and Location Matter

Make note of the space you can dedicate to a printer.  Most printers designed for offices include a USB and Ethernet ports.  Such lines may need added to the space you intend to place your new printer.  Wireless networking is also an option in case the building you are located is not feasible to be retro-fitted for wiring. 

You Have a Need for Speed and Output

If you print a large volume of documents you may want to consider a laser printer.  Ink jet printers can rarely match a laser’s speed.   Most offices also want clean crisp text and lines, which require a laser printer. 

Paper, Function, and all the Bells and Whistles!

Check the sizes and types of paper the printer can handle.  Consider the amount of printing you do per month.  The general rule is to pick a printer that has a maximum duty cycle that is at least three times the pages you print per month.  This should keep you from damaging the printer from overuse. 

You may also want to list the functions you’ll use.  Many printers can print on both sides, staple, collate, punch holes, stack and sort.  They can keep your co-workers’ print jobs separate from yours, too.  Unfortunately, they aren’t designed to make coffee yet!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tips to choosing a printer for your needs.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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This blog post is inspired by one we read from PC