Friday, March 21, 2014

Michigan Computer Supplies Top Rated Virus Control…and it’s FREE!

Drew Bedsole, Michigan Computer Supplies’ resident expert on computer repair in Ann Arbor and beyond, offers up his view on virus control.

“First off, any kind of virus protection is better than nothing!” Drew stresses.   There are many options available to keep your computer and your personal information safer from viruses and hackers.  According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, there are a reported 16 million US households that have had a serious virus problem within the past few years.  They estimate that viruses, spyware, and phishing scams cost American’s over $ 4 billion a year!  Panda Security states that 32% of the world’s computers are infected with viruses and malware. 

Drew suggests using AVG, which he has been using for about six years.  He says that in his experience AVG has caught a lot of viruses before they become a major problem.  Drew also prefers AVG because they offer a free version and it is not “bulky” (doesn’t take a lot of your computer’s memory nor slow it down).   The free AVG version is a download, and you don’t need to worry about purchasing a new license every year. 

If you want a little more security against nasty bugs and viruses, Drew recommends ESET, which Michigan Computer Supplies runs on their network server.  ESET is more robust than AVG, yet still has a small footprint.  They offer both home and business products.

If you think your computer may have picked up a bug or virus, it’s best to get help before it causes irreparable harm.  Please call us! We’re not just the best place to get your toner cartridges and printer supplies, we also offer a variety of services including the friendliest computer repair in Ann Arbor.

Check out our tips to decrease the chance of your computer picking up a bug that may cause a major problem.

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