Saturday, May 18, 2019

Need Up-to-Code Safety Labels for Your Business?

Do you work with chemicals, fire equipment, or have a facility that requires safety labels?

Do you have to constantly print new safety labels so you’re up-to-code?

 Keep your workplace safe for your employees with effective, up-to-code safety labels when you use a MAX Bepop sign and label creating system! You’ll be able to print OSHA and ANSI compliant signs and labels in real-time, as needed.

To find out more about the different types of signs and labels required for your workplace, visit our website! We want to help your business stay safe. Contact one of our technicians at Michigan Computer Supplies to learn more!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ann Arbor Based Michigan Computer Supplies Makes it Easy to Print Safety Labels for Your Business!

Do you have large machinery, chemicals, or fire equipment on site?

Stay up to code with proper safety labels for your Ann Arbor area business!

We’ll help you stay up to code! 

 Do you own a business that needs updated labels? Are you opening a new location that needs to start over from scratch with fresh new safety labels? Contractors, plumbers, construction companies, auto body shops and many other industries use safety labels in just about every area of their work. It’s important to know which labels you need and how you can get them produced.

 Safety labels play a crucial role in preventing bodily injury, equipment damage, and even lawsuits for your company. Make sure you have the right labels in the right places by reading more on our website!


Michigan Computer Supplies Makes it Easy to Print Safety Labels for Your Ann Arbor Business!

At Michigan Computer Supplies, we want to help you keep your workplace safe for you and your employees. We can supply your business with a MAX Bepop sign and label creating system to help you print safety labels that are up to code and compliant with OSHA and ANSI. Meet your sign and label needs in real-time, by printing and cutting combinations of photos, illustrations, and text all on the same 8 inch wide vinyl.