Friday, January 24, 2020

Toner vs. Ink Cartridges: Make the Smart Choice for Your Business

Have you ever wondered…?

  • What’s the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer? 
  • Is there difference between toner and ink? 
  • Is there a difference between the cost of toner and ink? 

When shopping for the right printer or printer cartridges for your business, you want to be sure you make a smart investment so you and your employees can rely on high quality prints.

After all, nothing’s worse than a printer that stops working halfway through a project!

Laser printers and their toner cartridges can cost more. However, it’s important to consider the long-term cost savings. Toner cartridges will print more pages than an ink cartridge and often have a lower cost per page. Also, determine whether or not you want to print in color or if monochrome printing (black ink or toner only) will suit your needs. Monochrome laser printing can cost considerably less than printing in color.

Be sure to read the product specifications to determine if this is the best option for you.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Toner vs. Ink Cartridges

Are you trying to make a decision about the type of printer and printer cartridges that are best for your business?

Do you know the difference in price?

Do you know enough about the options for printer cartridges to make a good investment for your company?

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A sampling of our toner prices can be found here. Need some help? We’re happy to help you navigate the world of printer cartridges. Send us an email or call today!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Going Green? Consider These Eco-Friendly Office Printing Practices

The workplace can sometimes seem completely at odds with the eco-friendly movement.

The number of electronics and amount of paper generated can seem overwhelming. Not to mention chemicals and toner.

Looking around your office, maybe you’ve wondered:
  • How can we cut down on paper waste? 
  • Is our toner usage harmful to the environment? 
  •  Wow, we have a lot of lights and electronics! What can we do to cut back our energy consumption? 
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At MCS, we can help your company go green and save you money through our printing products and services, including FREE e-waste disposal. Being kind to the environment is part of our Culture of Kindness. We are all in this together.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Tips for Eco-Friendly Printing

E-waste is the fastest growing category of waste in America and accounts for nearly 70% of the hazardous waste in landfills.

Yet, surprisingly, most e-waste is actually recyclable!

It doesn’t need to end up in landfills — yet it does.

But there are steps we can take every day to help keep office waste out of the landfills, and also to reduce energy consumption in our offices.

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