Monday, August 8, 2022

How Can Custom Labels Help Your Business?

MCS can help you by stocking your thermal barcodes, so you always have them when you need them. Here’s how it works:

Products are assigned a unique number. This number is translated into a scan-able code. Barcodes may be 1D, organized horizontally, or 2D, organized horizontally and vertically. 2D barcodes, being multidimensional, can hold a much higher quantity of data.

How do I print and scan barcodes?

Both types of labels will come on a roll. To print your own - you will need a printer and barcode label design software. Barcode labels may be printed on a laser, inkjet, or dot matrix printer, but a thermal printer is designed to produce a high-quality image for labeling needs. 1D barcodes may be scanned with a laser scanner, but a 2D barcode requires an imaging scanner.

What is a thermal barcode label?

There are two types of thermal barcode labels, direct thermal and thermal transfer. The difference is in the type of printer and the type of label they're printed on.

  • Direct Thermal - No ink is used to produce the image. An image is burned into a heat sensitive layer of the paper. This type of label will fade over time (1 year) and is not recommended for use in high temperatures or when there is exposure to sunlight.
  • Thermal Transfer - A heated ribbon is used to print onto a label. The image produced is long-lasting and durable.

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Ready for Success? MCS Can Help!

Your time is valuable. We could all use more hours each day. Why not take advantage of the benefits that custom labels can provide for you and your staff?

Custom labels are hugely helpful when you run and market a local business. They can perform functions, go places, and make connections that may not otherwise be possible. And they’re available on-demand.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Use Thermal Barcode Labels for Your Business

Are you a new business just starting out?

Are you an entrepreneur finally leaving corporate America to begin the business you truly love?

You're in business because you excel at what you do.  The management function of your business may or may not be your "gig," but we all know it must be done.  If you're a locally owned business, this work most likely falls on your shoulders.

If you’re managing a business on your own, you’re not only in charge of your staff, but also the background tasks like accounting and inventory. Thermal barcode labels make this work more efficient and done in a snap.

Barcodes are important to every business because they:

  • Track products
  • Track equipment
  • Track people – employee badges, timecards, etc.

Label errors, however, can grind your business to a halt! If you use labels for inventory and shipping, you need reliable thermal barcode labels that don’t smudge or print in error.

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Increase your bottom line with inventory management and thermal barcode labels!

Choose to excel at both what you do and your inventory management.  When thermal barcode labels are used as a part of inventory management, a scanner quickly and accurately records materials received, components moved to production, and units sold. 

Not sure which type of custom labels and scanner would be best for your business? We’ve got the answers you need. Contact us today to talk about how thermal barcode labels can elevate your business.