Tuesday, January 14, 2014

That pain in the neck may be more than just stress! Michigan Computer Supplies presents ergonomics!

Do your wrists, neck, shoulders, or back hurt after a few hours at your desk? 
We all know that stress affects our bodies…but it’s just possible that our surroundings could be the cause of our pain.  
When your workplace furniture and equipment does not fit you properly, you may adopt awkward positions that could lead to musculoskeletal disorders.  A common disorder that affects those who work with computers, keyboards, and cash registers is carpal tunnel syndrome. 

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) offers a plethora of tips and precautions to add to your comfort and safety at work.   Below is a brief sample and a link to learn more!

  • The height of your chair and work surface should put your body in a neutral posture.  Your elbows should be about the same height as your keyboard.  You should also be able to keep your shoulders relaxed and your wrists should not bend up, down or to either side.

  • If you have an older desk with a pencil drawer, you may have to remove this drawer to be able to raise your chair high enough.  

  • Your work surface should not be more than two inches thick. 

  • Your monitor should be directly in front of you and at least 20 inches away.  The top line of the screen should be at or below your eye level. 

  • Place your monitor perpendicular to windows to prevent glare.  Clean your monitor frequently because a layer of dust can contribute to glare.  If you have strong lighting overhead, you may need to tilt your screen slightly down to decrease the glare. 

Click here for a comprehensive checklist from OSHA that will help you determine if you need to adjust your workspace for comfort and efficiency.  
We also encourage you to browse our catalog for items such as wrist guards, glare screens, wrist pads and more to make your work more comfortable.  

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