Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pets and Technology- An Accident Waiting to Happen! Michigan Computer Supplies Offers Tips to Pet Proof Your Technology!

Have you caught your dog chewing on your power cords?

Does your cat think your printer’s pull out tray is a diving board?

Our pets love attention, but sometimes when we’re too involved with our technology, accidents happen!

At Michigan Computer Supplies, we care about our customers and strive to give you the best service to keep your technology in tip-top shape!  We offer you the following tips to pet proof your technology:


  • Consider switching to a wireless keyboard and mouse to cut down on some of the cords.
  • Use a tube-like cord cover to contain all cords, or secure them to a table leg with Velcro ties. 
  • Purchase a spray, available at most pet stores, that makes cords smell and taste unappealing if chewed.

 Tablets and phones

  • Use a high quality case to prevent the screen from being cracked if a pet knocks your tablet or phone onto the floor.   
  • If your dog drools excessively, you may want to consider a water proof case as well.  


  • Try not to place your monitor on the edge of a desk or shelf.  If the cord is tugged on, or chewed it could easily pull the monitor onto the floor. 


  • Don’t leave drinks near your technology.  A pet could swat at the cup, or bump into it and spill the contents. This could short out your system or cause an electrical fire.


  • If your pet sheds a lot, chances are their hair is inside of your computer’s case, clogging up the fan.  This could cause your computer to overheat and malfunction.  Follow your owner’s manual to carefully remove the cover and vacuum up the hair and dust.  Try to do this at least once every six months. 
  • Compressed air and a small brush can remove hair that has collected in between keys of your keyboard. 
  • You may also want to brush your pet often to remove loose hair and discard. 
  • Add a silicone keyboard cover to keep out pet hair, dirt, crumbs etc. 


  • The company Pet Safe, sells “ScatMats” that use tone and static correction options that keep pets from jumping onto counters, couches etc. 
  • Some cats are also bothered by plastic wrap or double sided tape.  You could place these items on the corner of desks and countertops to discourage them from jumping up.   
  • If you have a dedicated home office, you could install a pet gate to try to prevent pets from getting access to your work space and technology.  Although, it’s just possible that your pets may whine because they miss you. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to unplug from your technology, to give your pet some attention now and then.  Your pet’s happiness and unconditional love will have a more positive affect on you than your e-mail or Facebook updates! 

Please gives us a call if you have any questions on how to maintain your computers and printers.  If your pet caused an unfortunate accident with your equipment, Kyle and Drew are skilled at Ann Arbor computer repair and Ann Arbor printer repair.  They can probably fix you right up!

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